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At STR Turbo Technologies, we specialize in rebuilding turbos for all types of makes and models. Our standard rebuild procedure entails a complete cleansing of the internal parts, a full balancing process, and the replacement of all necessary thrust components with a new rebuild kit.

Turbo Rebuilding

When a turbocharger experiences significant rotor deterioration, a turbo rebuild is necessary.

The steps involved in a complete rebuild include:

1. Disassembling the housing and all mechanisms
2. Cleaning parts with special equipment and chemicals to remove contaminants
3. Cleaning the surface of the turbo housing with cold abrasive treatment
4. Re-cleaning components in a separate chamber
5. Assembling a new cartridge with a balanced shaft and other parts
6. Balancing the assembled cartridge
7. Fully assembling the turbocharger
8. Conducting tests to ensure its performance and suitability for operation.

A properly rebuilt turbocharger can provide improved performance and efficiency compared to a damaged or worn out one, so it’s worth investing in a professional rebuild if necessary. Additionally, proper maintenance and care can help extend the lifespan of a rebuilt turbocharger.

Turbo Maintenance

Turbocharger maintenance includes regular cleaning, inspections, and repairs to make sure the turbocharger is working properly.

STR Turbo Technology turbo maintenance includes a visual inspections, oil leak detection, oil and filter changes, bearing and seal replacements, turbine wheel and compressor wheel balancing, and full rebuilds with a balanced rotating assembly. STR Turbo Technology uses only high-quality parts and lubricants to ensure the best possible performance and longevity for your turbocharger.

In addition, we offer technical support and advice to help you maintain your turbocharger properly and avoid future problems. With STR Turbo Technology’s expertise, you can be confident that your turbocharger will be in top condition and performing at its best.

Turbo Balancing

Turbocharger balancing is the process of ensuring that the rotating components of the turbocharger.

STR Turbo Technology can help clients with turbo balancing by providing a range of services to ensure that the rotating components of the turbocharger are balanced to the manufacturer’s specifications. We use high-precision balancing equipment and techniques to ensure that the turbocharger is balanced to within the required tolerance levels.

Our technicians can also diagnose any issues with the turbocharger that may be causing imbalance and recommend the best course of action, which may include replacement of damaged components or a complete rebuild. With our expertise and attention to detail, clients can be confident that our turbocharger will be running smoothly and efficiently after undergoing STR Turbo Technology’s balancing services.

Turbo Repairs

Turbocharger repair typically involves disassembling the turbocharger, inspecting all components for wear and damage, and then repairing or replacing any damaged or worn parts.

STR Turbo Technology can help clients with turbo repair by providing a wide range of repair services, such as bearing and seal replacement, oil leak repairs, and cleaning services. Our technicians have the skills and experience to diagnose and repair a variety of turbocharger issues, such as compressor and turbine wheel damage, bearing failure, or oil starvation.

Turbo Cleaning

Turbo cleaning is the process of removing carbon buildup, oil deposits, and other contaminants from the turbocharger's components to restore its performance and efficiency.

STR Turbo Technology can help clients with turbo cleaning by providing a variety of cleaning services, such as ultrasonic cleaning, abrasive blasting, and chemical cleaning. Our technicians have the expertise to determine the best cleaning method based on the specific turbocharger components and the type of contaminants that need to be removed.

During the cleaning process, STR Turbo Technology technicians carefully disassembles the turbocharger and removes all components that need to be cleaned. Then we use high-quality cleaning agents and specialized equipment to remove contaminants and restore the components to their original condition.

With our expert turbo cleaning services, STR Turbo Technology can help clients restore the performance and efficiency of their turbochargers and extend their lifespan.

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