Remanufactured 6.4 Ford Turbos Without Actuator TUR-102905-TDR


6.4 Ford Turbos high and low pressure Without acuator

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High quality Remanufactured 6.4 Ford high and low pressure. cross reference: 100TBC576S, 1080231R, 176013, 176013R, 179514, 179514R, 1848300C92, 1848300C93, 1848300C94, 1848300C95, 1848300C96, 1848300C97, 1848300C98, 476013, 479514, 8C3Z-6K682-CRM, 8C3Z6K682CRM, TS176013, 10800231R, 2T-220, 2T220, 440-0007, 4400007, 829-929-9535, 8299299535, TBC576S, 100TBC576, 2N220, 2N-220, TBC576, 8C3Z6K682C, 8C3Z-6K682-C, 8C3Z6K682E, 8C3Z-6K682-E, 8C3Z6K682ERM, 8C3Z-6K682-ERM, BWT168. Free Ground Shipping on all items. Give us a call for free shipping! We ship with UPS, If you need UPS Next Day Air give us a call @ (760)617-8800. 12 Month Warranty and unlimited mileage.


$1299.99 + $700 Core charge. Core charge returned when core is received.

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